Energy Management

Be energy efficient & save money

A little investment can make a big difference to your energy bills

Energy Management and conservation is now, more than ever, everyone’s responsibility and, with investment in the right products, individuals, businesses and public establishments can make impressive financial savings, improve their working environments and, of course, reduce those all-important carbon emissions giving you, and your accountant, the warm, fuzzy glow of knowing that you have not only saved bundles of cash but also the planet!

Quick return on investment

Government legislation and incentives mean that as well as enjoying fast returns on investment, full relief against the capital investment can be claimed in the first year under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

Be Energy Efficient & Save Money

To get an understanding of how big the savings will be at your premises and to receive a free energy lighting survey covering the replacement of old lighting with LED technology as well as lighting and building control options, please contact us and we will be delighted to arrange a visit.

It's Your Responsiblity

As responsible individuals, it is your moral duty to do whatever you can to reduce your carbon footprint, as responsible business people it is your goal to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, improve profitability and right now you can do free!​​​​​​​

Funding options available 

Funded solutions are readily available and, with the large financial savings produced from a dramatically reduced energy bill, the cost of finance monthly will usually be comfovrtably covered with a positive balance available to improve cash flow.

How much in savings can I achieve?

Individual cases vary but in the vast majority of projects the savings on energy costs alone are between 50% and 60% with further significant savings made from not needing to purchase and replace old style lamps and fittings. The Return on Investment can, in some cases, be less than 12 months but are more typically likely to be between 18 months and 30 months.

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With Beba Lighting and LED technology, the future is bright, the future is here now.